Diesel Work

From heavy duty pick-up trucks & vans to luxury sedans and SUVs diesel vehicles are everywhere and Atlantic Complete Auto Care is there to service them.

With some of the most experienced diesel mechanics in South Florida and state-of-the-art equipment, our Margate repair center provides maintenance and repair for virtually all make & models diesel vehicles, including foreign and domestic.

Why Pay More at the Dealership?

Dealerships have high operating costs and this huge overhead gets passed onto you, the customer. At Atlantic Complete Auto Care we keep unnecessary expenses to a minimum which allows us to provide superior service at lower costs than car dealerships.

Fleet Services

Atlantic Complete Auto Care offers fleet services throughout South Florida. We know how important it is for your trucks to be on the road and this is why we make our fleet clients a priority. Once you become a fleet client we will stock all the parts your vehicles are most likely to need so that the repairs can be done a lot faster. Click here for more information on our fleet services.


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